The Old-School Tool that Can Help You See the Future

By KDH Consulting Owner: Kelly Donlon Hoy


To devoted users of digital planning tools or apps, you’ll get no quarrel from me. I also like my various trackers and project management resources. They provide me with the ability to input, respond to, and monitor my work at the touch of a button, whether I’m out to dinner or on the soccer field.  In other words, they easily and efficiently keep me on track.

This crazy year, however, I’ve added a new tool that’s totally old school: a huge whiteboard. I’m kind of obsessed and here’s why:

Having a whiteboard is like having a conversation with myself.  It can serve as:


  • A blank canvas to brainstorm new ways to serve clients
  • A daily task list
  • A spot to hold an inspiring quote
  • A quiet reminder of my goals
  • A tracker of my activities
  • A visual cue for my priorities

There is something powerful about standing at the board, dry erase marker in hand. I get great satisfaction writing things, checking them off, and yes, even erasing them.  One of the major reasons I love my whiteboard is its non-permanence. Erasing doesn’t eliminate the work I’ve done. Instead, it allows me to create and recreate, to adapt and evolve. And isn’t that a good description of what work is all about today?

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  1. Yes! I still have to write it down to think it through—and the more gel
    Pens, the better!

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