Tips For Working From Home

As many of us make the first time transition to working from home, it can become a bit of a challenge to adjust to this new lifestyle. Our team has been working remotely for years as we are based all over the Philadelphia area and our clients are from around the country. We all face unique challenges during this transition, but we wanted to share our experience to help make your transition a bit smoother into the world of remote work.

Most who work from home start with the challenge of deciding when to work, where to work, and how to create strong boundaries between your work and personal life. Remember, everything in life comes with time and practice so do not stress about not having it all figured out day one, we are human!

Maintain A Normal Work Routine

If you typically work an 8-5 day with a lunch break in between, try to stick to a similar schedule. Set clear guidelines for yourself and let others you live with that these are the hours that you will be working. A regular work routine means a regular morning routine, get up at the same time as you would for work (minus that commute time, enjoy the extra time to sleep!). Follow the regular practice of getting up, making your coffee, and getting ready for work, including getting dressed.  This will give you time to get into the correct mindset that you are heading into work (even if it just means going downstairs into your home office).

Set Up Your Space

Have you truly ever been productive from working in your bed? Set up a makeshift home office if you do not have one, even if that home office is going to be your kitchen table. Give yourself a designated space that you know when you enter it, it is time to work. Make sure those around you are aware of this work area so they can give you the respective space needed to maintain productivity. 

Schedule Breaks

All of us are entitled to a break in our workday; in fact, research shows we are more productive when we take breaks versus working nonstop. Do not deprive yourself of time to recharge several breaks throughout the day to boost your productivity. Schedule yourself flexible breaks within your workday to maintain focus levels. And when you take a break, stand up, and stretch your legs. Avoid just switching gears by looking at personal email or websites or apps of interest. Stretch and physically move so you are not too sedentary. 

Channel Surf to Stay Connected

Reach out to your coworkers through all available channels: Slack, IMessage, Skype, Zoom, etc. when you need something, have a question, or just want to check-in. Remember to maintain the community with your coworkers in this time of separation. This will allow your team to hold each other accountable, create a stronger unity, and create a clear message about the projects that need to be handled within the current moment. 

Whether this is your first week or fifth year of working from home, stay positive, stay motivated, and stay communicative. Have any specific questions about working from home? Send us a message on our Instagram page @KDH_Consulting or comment below, we would love to help!

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